The history

The history - Bil mini-taxi 96“Bilstøin Bil” was established in 1952. It was Hans Mellemgaard, Eiler Thorsvig, Hans A. Davidsen, Poul Gaard Hansen and Pauli Gaard Hansen who started “Bilstøin Bil” back in 1952.

Initially, the station was located in Niels Finsensgøtu, but was moved to Liðagøtu in 1960. Two years later, “Bilstøinin Vágsbotni” was merged with “Bil”.

When the “Oyggjarvegurin” was made and went north towards “Hórisgøtu”, “Bilstøin Bil” had a regular drive of passes between Hvalvík and Sundabrúnna.

In June 1963, when air traffic started, the Bil had regular services to and from the airport.

At the time it was that passengers ordered space with one of our cars in the evening or early in the morning before they were collected at home, and the trip then went to Vestmanna (before the tunnel came), where there was a ferry connection to Oyragjógv. From there, a bus or car was taken to the airport and the villages of Vágoy.

For some years we also had a taxi station in Vestmanna.

Søgan - Bil mini-taxi 96At the end of 1978, Bil moved in its own room just opposite the current Effo gas station – Gundadalur.

When “Bygdaleiðir” (the official busses) was created, in May 1980, the buses were driven for the first years out of Bilstøðini Bil. Similarly, we had the operation of the first city buses in Tórshavnar Municipality.

Søgan - Bil mini-taxi 96At the same time “Bilstøðin Bil” was merged with the “Mini Taxi”. In October 1996, the combined Bil and Mini Taxi moved from the Gundadali Building to the Farstøiðin.

The new name for the combined companies was and is now “Bil & Mini Taxi 96”. The phone number will be the same +298 311444 and +298 313525.

Søgan - Bil mini-taxi 96“The times are changed and so do we”, is the wording of a Faroese song. This is also the case with the Bilstøðin Bil. We have a new phone number, which is +298 32 32 32, which is usually shown with 3 x 32. However, it is possible to call our old number for a period.

As the first taxi company in the Faroe Islands, Car Mini Taxi got an app where it is possible to book a taxi easily and conveniently by pressing a button on the phone. Our App has been very well received and can be downloaded from the App Store.

Bil Mini Taxi has 35 cars, of which 6 are for 6 travelers, 1 for 7 travelers and 1 for 8 travelers.

The Board consists of:

  • Tóti Kristjánsson, Chairman
  • Theodor Ørvarodd, Cashier
  • Høgni Magnus Midjord í Stovuni
  • Heðin Joensen, Director