AirportTaxi to and from Tórshavn

DKK 230.00 per person each way. Up to three passengers in each car. Children op to 11 years DKK 150,00. Please let us know if you want child seat in other information.
(We offer child seats in diffrent sizes: 2-10 months, 6 months-4 year, 3 – 11 year) See arrival and departures times at Vága Floghavn .. In case the traveler has too much luggage, extra may be charged for this.

Other destinations are only rentals according to the schedule.

Price per person to / from Vága Floghavn

Tórshavn 230,00 DKK per. person
Kvívík, Leynar, Kollafjørð, Velbastað og Kalbak 280,00 DKK per. person
Kirkjubø/Gamlarætt 300,00 DKK per. person
Sørvágs, Sandavágs, Miðvágs 230,00 DKK per. person
Bø/Gásadal 400,00 DKK per. person

Hire to Kvívík, Leynar, Kollafjørð

Trip 800,00 DKK per. trip

Hire to Tórshavn

4 pax 750,00 DKK per. trip to the above destinations
5 pax 900,00 DKK per. trip
6 pax 1.080,00 DKK per. trip
7 pax 1.260,00 DKK per. trip
8 pax 1.440,00 DKK per. trip
Children up to 11 years 150,00 DKK per. person